The need

In response to the growing demand for effective learning solutions tailored to the needs of government contracting professionals, the Virtual Acquisition Office (VAO) sought an adept instructional systems designer. With over 65,000 subscribers relying on VAO as the premier resource for acquisition-related insights, the need for engaging and comprehensive learning experiences was paramount. The ideal candidate would lead the design and development efforts, employing adult learning theory and industry best practices to craft courses that not only enhanced knowledge but also facilitated continuous learning and met certification requirements. These learning solutions were essential for ensuring acquisition managers and the workforce stayed abreast of the latest developments, maximized efficiency, and honed their skills to meet the evolving demands of the field.

The solution

As an experienced instructional systems designer within the VAO team, I embraced the challenge of creating impactful learning solutions. Leveraging my expertise, I spearheaded the development of courses catering to the diverse needs of over 70,000 acquisition professionals. By meticulously crafting content, incorporating multimedia elements, and adhering to accessibility standards like Section 508, I ensured that our learning platform remained inclusive and effective. Additionally, I managed the Absorb learning management system, overseeing course administration and maintenance to guarantee seamless user experiences. Through collaborative efforts with cross-functional partners, I orchestrated multiple eLearning projects, from needs analysis to evaluation, ensuring that each endeavor met quality standards, deadlines, and budgetary constraints. My contributions not only elevated learner competencies but also reinforced VAO’s position as the go-to resource for acquisition professionals seeking continuous growth and development.