My experience draws from more than a decade of developing instructional systems. I provide cognitive and strategic applications of human-centered design while also leveraging practical models of instructional design methodologies. I use industry leading platforms including Storyline 360, Captivate, Camtasia, Adobe Creative Cloud, and various learning management systems to develop learning experiences that lead to performance improvements.

My process typically involves analyzing the learning needs of the audience, determining goals and objectives for the learning experience, selecting and organizing content, selecting and designing instructional strategies and methods, developing and pilot testing the instructional materials, revising and finalizing the materials, and evaluating the effectiveness of the instruction. My process is often iterative, with feedback being incorporated throughout to improve the final product.

I believe in holistic instructional systems. Holistic instructional systems refer to an approach to instruction that takes into account the whole person and their learning environment, rather than focusing solely on individual components such as content or instructional methods. My approach considers factors such as the learner’s prior knowledge and experiences, their motivation and attitudes towards learning, and the physical and social context in which the instruction is taking place.

My motto: Build a Schema. Shape a human.